Searsburg Wind Power Facility

SearsburgThe eleven 550-kilowatt wind turbines that make up Searsburg's 6-megawatt power plant provide enough emission-free electricity to supply 1,704 average Vermont households.

It is owned by Green Mountain Power and went online in July, 1997. Searsburg also serves as an educational resource and research tool for investigating wind generation in cold climates. As a result, Searsburg has established the standard for wind energy generation in the Northeast’s harsh climate – exemplified by the facility’s 90%+ availability over its nearly 15 years of operation.

Northeast Wind was instrumental in helping Green Mountain Power bring this showcase project from concept to completion with project management, wind resource and energy assessment, permitting guidance, and community outreach.  We continue to provide community outreach and performance monitoring services at the site, and are working with Deerfield Wind LLC on plans to expand the project.


Tour information for the Searsburg Wind Facility

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